HUG (Help Us Grow) Association was founded in May 2016. The association is non-profit and consists of college parents, teachers, students and alumni, working together as a community, to “Help Us Grow” at St Francis College.
The association seeks to:

  • unite the parental community including extended alumni, friends and families;
  • support college projects outside of the school curriculum;
  • channel parental resources to support college curriculum;
  • support college capital projects;
  • enhance communication between the community and the college;
  • support college community projects.

Currently it does so by supporting the following projects:
  • Drama
  • Young Entrepreneurs ECA
  • Sports
  • Associates and Alumni events
  • Parental Resources Database

To read about our work during the academic year 2017/18, please access our annual report here.

The executive committee 2017/18:
Oliver Hudson - President
Shirley Hazell - Vice president
Lica Melzer - Marketing
Denise Coopman - Finance
Maria Zanforlin – Engagement

If you would like to know more about HUG, please contact us at: